Positive things to say to your child

Came across this article by Daniel Wong, thought it is good to share. Daniel provides in a concise list not 10 nor 15, but 50 positive things to say to your child. If you run out of words to say, this list may help. Let's start with some of our personal likes. For the full list, please refer to his website.

1.  “I love you.”

2. “What do you think?”

3. “I enjoy spending time with you.”

4. “All of us make mistakes.”

5. “You’re special to me.”

6. “I appreciate it when you . . .”

7. “I trust you.”

8. “You’re getting better at . . .”

9. “Have a good day!”

10. “Let me think about it.”

11. “What happened here?”

12. “It looks like you’re having a difficult time. Can you tell me about it?”

13. “I’m sorry.”

14. “Your practice is paying off.”

15. “How did you do that?”

16. “What’s one interesting thing that happened in school today?”

17. “What did you try hard at today?”

18. “I’m sure you can do it.”

19. “You decide.”

20. “How do you feel about that?”

21. “I’m ready to listen.”

22. “You were right.”

23. “I believe in you.”

24. “I saw that you tried hard at . . .” 

26. “I can see that you’re becoming more . . .”

27. “I’m excited about doing this with you!”

28. “That’s a good question.”

29. “Let’s do it your way.”

30. Can you explain to me why you did it this way?”

31.  “That was thoughtful of you.”

32. “Can you teach me how to . . .?”

33. “How did you think of that?”

34. “I knew you could do it.”

35. “You’re learning how to . . .”



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