Too busy for baby? Check out this gadget helper! [Review]

Ever grumbled about how busy with housework that you have no time for your precious baby? To those mums who have helper, you are fortunate; for those who don't, you may need help to free up time for your kids or baby.
To start with, buy a "helper" who can vacuum and mop your floors. Personally, I find this iLife Robot V5S Pro very helpful. It comes with vacuum and mop function. The most wonderful thing is that it is very quiet, which means you can use it even while your baby is napping. It is unlike that of iRobot, which produces noise that can be deafening!

An iLife V5S pro on Lazada costs a quarter of what I paid for iRobot. I had thought that it would be much inferior compared to iRobot for the price tag, but to my surprise I find it much better than iRobot!

Firstly, iLife V5S pro not only vacuums but does mopping as well and it is much quieter compared to irobot. It comes with two spinning brushes at the bottom instead of one in iRobot, and cleans up dust more effectively. The only con is that it does not come with a handle to be carried around with one hand, other than that, whatever feature you find in iRobot, you can find it in ilife V5S pro!

It doesn't fall off the stairs it has sensors at the bottom to detect the high gap and avoid the dropping. It has the spot cleaning function as well. Spot cleaning allows you to vacuum a particular area that is especially dusty. The iLife will go in circles until the spot is cleaned. It also has the edge cleaning function, which is lacking in iRobot. With its anti-collision system, it doesn't bang hard onto walls and furniture too.
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Anonymous said...

My iRobot died on me after 1-2 years, battery dead. It seems that you have to constantly charge it to maintain the battery life. Anyway, will try out this iLife vacuum. Thanks for the review!


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