Naming your baby in Chinese

Many parents nowadays resort to Fengshui Master to provide names for their babies based on their birth time and date, etc. I realised that Fengshui master often suggest names that comprises ancient "surnames" (姓) , some characters of which, are difficult to read, and some already non-existent. So, as parents, please do your part in researching through the characters suggested by the Fengshui Master before deciding on the name. Some points to note when choosing Chinese names:

1. Make sure character is "readable"
2. Check the tone of how the character is read. Some Chinese characters have a few tones and different meanings attached to different tones. Use a reliable Chinese dictionary to check (preferably physical hard copy dictionary versus online dictionaries which are not as reliable and comprehensive).
3. If you really have to choose a "rare" character that people are unsure of how to read, perhaps it might help if you include the Pinyin name when you regsiter for your baby's birth cert.

Hope this helps.



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