Things to do with your kids during December school holidays

School holidays are the best! You never fail to see the enthusiasm in your child when the days approach... especially the month-long holidays in December! However after the initial thrill of saying goodbye to school, it's usually only a day or two before children start complaining about being bored at home. Instead of cooping them up at home or sit them in front of the computer or TV whole day long, why not plan some activities or outings for them?

It is never too early to plan. If you have time, start thinking now. Sign them up for holiday camps or workshops, bring them outdoors and plan for some fun excursions, or even enjoy some quiet reading and bonding in libraries! Here are some ideas to get you going.

Holiday camps

Science Buddies workshops
There are various workshops that employ different themes and are designed for small group of children to learn in an experiential approach.

Kids on Holiday
Check out their December Holidays programmes and fun activities for your kids!

Learning Horizon Holiday Camps
Especially designed to offer fun, interactive, and educational activities for children during June and December school holidays.

Workshops and courses

Isadora's Workshops
Regular drawing classes, printmaking, papier mâché and book-making are all part of the curriculum to encourage a child’s freedom of expression. Parents are more than welcome to join in the fun.

Toddler Pottery Making Course
Toddlers with clay? Sounds dangerous to some, but this is a great way for the tiny tots to express themselves. This activity will help their motoring skills and get their creative juices flowing. Just prepare yourself for the post-fun clean-up.

YMCA Capoeira Kids
Capoeira is a Brazilian artform that combines sport and dance. Children of all ages will enjoy its fun and uninhibited movements. Capoeira enables children to express themselves through movements to rhythm, and helps them to become more confident, expressive and creative!

Outdoors and Excursions
Bring them to the museumsIndulge in some meaningful knowledge pursuits. Learn about Straits Chinese values at the Peranakan Museum, where there are more than 20 children’s interactive stations in between the exhibits to make the Museum a welcome escape from the heat. Otherwise, at the National Museum, there is also a play-based programme that uses the museum's artefacts to stimulate toddler's natural curiousity, imagination, and creativity.

Kids Night Out
It's a 4-hour non-stop fun that includes a pizza party, arts and craft, a movie and more. Kids Night Out happens at least one Friday of every month and has a cool theme each time in every location. Drop your kids at these locations while you have some time for yourself.

Playground AT Big Splash
A new and exciting multi-purpose venture at the iconic Big Splash landmark. Touted as a lifestyle hub, Playground @ Big Splash features a wide array of dining and recreational amenities. The kids will be kept busy with a host of recreational options including the puntastically named LilliPutt (Singapore’s first themed, indoor mini-golf course) and Frisk ’n’ Romp Kids’ Playclub...

Interactive SquareKids seem to stick like magnets to this interactive game square at Parkway. You will see tiny tots jumping all over the projection of a game board, with images of cars and balls on the floor, to their hearts’ content.

Kiddies' Playground Daily
As if the excitement of VivoCity isn’t enough, this fun-filled kiddies’ playground has a third-floor water feature-cum-paddling pool. Perfect for our sunny Singapore weather.
Other things to do with your kids

Storytelling at Bookaburra
This popular centre attracts kids and parents with its storytelling and arts and crafts, which the youngsters can also take home.

SOL Playground Cafe
Play areas, activities, child-friendly menus and special deals make dining out with the kiddies less of a hassle.

Go Go Bambini
This fun-filled indoor entertainment area for kids has an interactive playscape, a soft play area for wee ones under the age of three, a café dishing up yummy salads, pastas and… wait for it... a nail bar for mummies while their kids are hard at play.

Creative Escape
A walk-in arts and crafts studio, catering to all abilities from first-timers to the more experienced crafters.

Story telling at libraries
Other than quiet reading and bonding with your kids, you may go for the regular story telling sessions or Fun with Tots programmes held at the various libraries islandwide!

Not enough? Look for more ideas here:

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Cath said...

Hi. As a mum who has recently arrived in Singapore with three little girls in tow, I read your blog with much interest :-)
Could you point me in the right direction for any playgroups/toddler groups where you go along and stay with your children/meet other mums? I've been searching, but haven't found anything yet. We used to go to lots of these groups back in the UK and would love to start meeting some other mums and kids.
Many thanks
Cath (


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