Storing and thawing breastmilk


Some guidelines on storing breastmilk:

  • At room temperature (less than 25°C) for up to 4 hours
  • In a refrigerator with a temperature of 4°C or colder for two days
  • In the freezer at 0°C for up to 3-6 months

If you are going to freeze breastmilk, do so within 24 hours. Milk that has been moved into the refrigerator from the freezer can be stored there for up to 24 hours.

Thawing milk
Thaw the milk slowly by swirling the container of milk in warm water or by putting the container in the refrigerator the day before it is to be used. Don't use hot water to thaw breast milk. Never thaw frozen breast milk in a microwave oven. The milk could get too hot and burn your baby's mouth. Microwaving can also damage valuable proteins in breast milk.

Thawed breast milk can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours, but it should not be refrozen.

Discard any excess milk left in the bottle after a feed.



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