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The National Immunisation Registry in Singapore collects and maintain complete and current vaccination records of children from birth to 18 years of age in Singapore, to promote effective and cost-efficient disease prevention and control. The Registry will send you your child's immunisation certificate once he/she completes the necessary basic immunisations. When your child registers for primary school, the school authorities will check your child’s immunisation certificates to see if he or she has completed all the immunisations.

There are nine potentially dangerous childhood diseases against which immunisations are available.

Diphtheria: Starts as a throat infection, but can cause obstruction to breathing and death.

Hepatitis B: An infection of the liver that may have no symptoms. It can lead to liver failure or liver cancer in adulthood.

Measles: Starts with high fever and a rash. Lung infection, deafness and brain damage can occur.

Mumps: An infection of the salivary glands. It can lead to brain infection, deafness or sterility.

Pertussis(whooping cough): Causes prolonged attacks of coughing and can result in pneumonia (lung infection) or brain damage.
Poliomyelitis: Starts with mild fever but can result in paralysed and deformed arms or legs.

Rubella(German measles): Complications in children are rare. Women infected during early pregnancy may give birth to deaf, blind or mentally retarded babies.

Tetanus: Causes severe muscle contractions, including those muscles that control swallowing and breathing. It often leads to death.

Tuberculosis: A disease that commonly affects the lungs. It can also affect the bones, kidneys, intestines and brain.

The National Childhood Immunisation Schedule is as follows:

At Birth
Hepatitis B - 1st Dose

1 Month
Hepatitis B - 2nd Dose

3 Months
DPT/DT - 1st Dose
Oral Sabin - 1st Dose

4 Months
DPT/DT - 2nd Dose
Oral Sabin - 2nd Dose

5 Months
DPT/DT - 3rd Dose
Oral Sabin - 3rd Dose

5-6 Months*
Hepatitis B - 3rd Dose

1-2 Years
MMR - Primary dose

18 Months
DPT/DT - 1st Booster
Oral Sabin - 1st Booster

6-7 Years (Primary 1)
Oral Sabin - 2nd Booster
MMR - Booster dose

10-11 Years (Primary 5)(See note)
DT-containing vaccine - 2nd Booster**
Oral Sabin - 3rd Booster

* The 3rd dose of Hepatitis B vaccination can be given with the 3rd dose of DPT and Oral Sabin for the convenience of parents.

** Can use either : Diphtheria-tetanus vaccine; or Combined tetanus, reduced diphtheria and acellular pertussis vaccine

Note: Children in Primary 6 in 2008 will still receive the MMR booster and DT 3rd booster. Children in Primary 5 (2008 -2011) will receive the MMR booster and DT 3rd booster.

More complete information can be found here.

There are also immunisations that combine several vaccines together, as in 6-in-1, 5-in-1 or 4-in-1:
6in1 includes the following vaccines:DTPa + HiB + IPV + HEPB
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertusiss,Haemophilus influenza type B,Inactivated Polio Vaccine and Hepatitis B.

5in1 includes:DTPa + HiB + IPV
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertusiss,Haemophilus influenza type B, andInactivated Polio Vaccine.

4in1 includes:DTPa + HiB
Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertusiss,Haemophilus influenza type B

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