What formula milk do you use and why?

Milk powder for kids are getting more and more expensive with the current inflation. Which brand do you buy for your children? And why? Can share with our mothers here?

Enfrapro A+ stage 2 follow-up formula /1.8kg for $36.20

Enfragrow A+ stage 3 grow up milk / 900g for $24.60

Enfrakid A+ Stage 4 grow up milk / 1.8kg for $39.50

Gain IQ 1+ growing up / 1.8kg for $51.20 / 900g for $26.70

GAIN IQ Kid 3+ Growing up / $1.8kg for $45.90 / 900g for $24.50

Pediasure / 1.8kg for $57.50 / 900g for $29.70

Similac Stage 2 follow-on / 900g for $34.10

Promil Gold 2 followup / 900g for $29.00

Prices quoted are from NTUC Fairprice (16 Jun 2008)


Herbal said...

I used to give my children S26 but it caused constipation. Later I gave my son Similac which was ok with him. But now I changed to Pediasure for both my kids. Good but expensive.

Anonymous said...

I gave Gain IQ, so far so good!

WaveSurfer on August 12, 2008 at 3:40 PM said...

I have heard Similac is closest to breastmilk, so we fed him that right from the start (we couldn't give him breastmilk due to medical issues).

Unfortunately, prices for Similac Infant (i.e. Stage 1) have escalated from S$35.60 to S$39.50 in just a week!

Guess we've no choice but to continue using it since our baby is already comfortable with it...

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Maria said...

I give Pediasure to my son, a bit expensive but he loves it more than the other brands I've tried to give him.


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