Use of hand sanitiser in small children


Parents, be warned. Hand sanitizer can be hazardous to children if ingested. Read this:

Despite their obvious benefits, hand sanitizers can pose a very serious health risk. In recent months, several stories have circulated concerning individuals, most of them children, who were harmed by being left unsupervised with access to a hand sanitizer, such as Purell. Other children became very ill after just licking the sanitizer from their hands.

Apparently a little girl named Halle Butler ingested enough of the hand saitizer given to her at school to be come seriously ill. She was taken to the emergency room, and, thank goodness, recovered.

Hand sanitizer is mostly alcohol, so she and another little girl mentioned in another story who ate it after being given a dollop of it by a teacher got alcohol poisoning from ingesting the hand sanitizer.

Although both stories contain incorrect or dubious information such as Halle's blood alcohol level being at 85%, or that someone found "on the Internet" that ingesting three squirts of hand sanitizer can prove fatal to a toddler, the thought is still the same: Kids WILL put anything into their mouths.



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