Why do babies cry?

All babies cry. A crying baby, especially if the crying continues for a long period of time, can be stressful on the parents or caregivers. A pacifier can comfort her but don't jump on to use it too quickly, always try to find out the cause first.

Here are a few common things that could be causing your baby to cry:

Hunger - is she crying for milk? She could be hungry. If she turns her head towards you when you hold her, she's probably hungry.

Dirty diaper - she'll be ucomfortable in a dirty diaper. Change her wet nappy and see if she still cries after that.

Illness/Colic - check for symptoms of illness such as fever, shallow breathing, diarrhoea, vomiting, perspiration, lack of interest in feeds, rashes or unusual skin colour. A piercing cry would mean she's unwell. If she thrashes her arms and legs around, she might be in pain. If she draws her legs up and goes red in the face when she's crying, she may be suffering from colic and may have a build-up of wind in her stomach.

Tired/Cranky - sometimes she could be tired and overstimulated.

Here are some effective ways to soothe your baby:

Rocking or swinging
Many babies enjoy the motion involved in rocking or swinging. You can rock your baby in a rocking chair or swing in a porch swing.

Wrapping the baby in a snug blanket (swaddling)
Wrapping the baby snugly in a receiving blanket may help him feel safe and secure. Some parents find swaddling the most effective method of soothing their infants, ages newborn to six weeks.

Singing, talking, or humming
Just hearing your voice could be soothing for a crying baby. You can try singing to her, humming, reading a book to her or just talking. Hold the baby against your chest when you are singing or humming, the vibrations of your voice and the sound of your heartbeat are also soothers.

Taking a walk
Try taking a walk outside. Some babies respond well to the sights and sound of the outdoors. Put your baby in his stroller and take a walk around the block.

Driving around
Some parents find the driving trick does wonders in soothing a crying baby. As soon as you place a child in their car seat and start driving, they fall asleep. Perhaps it's the change of scenery, the motion of the car or the hum of the engine that soothes them, or perhaps a combination of all three.


momsof2 said...

I used to drive my baby girl around in the car to make her sleep. No other tricks work except driving... it really works! We were very desperate that time, trying to make her sleep. I thought it was very stupid of me to do that... was so scared I need to drive her around whenever she can't sleep... luckily she outgrew the stage already, phew!!!


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