Tips for buying a stroller

There are many strollers out there in the market and it can be difficult to know which one to buy. It is important to know what your needs are and then find the stroller that best matches them. Different brands, styles and prices can make the process even more overwhelming.Here are some pointers to bear in mind when choosing a stroller.

Wheels. Look for strollers with large wheels for better maneuverability. The larger the tyre the easier the stroller is going to be pushed. There are 3 basic types of tyres for strollers, hollow plastic, solid composite and air filled. Hollow plastic wheels are cheaper but are prone to cracks and wear with lots of use. Solid wheels are costlier but they should last the life of the stroller. Air filled tires provide not only a comfortable ride but are easy to push over a variety of surfaces.

Brakes. It is important for strollers to have good brakes. The brake on a stroller is simply a wedge that locks the wheels to keep them from spinning. Usually you press down the wedge to lock it and push up to unlock it. The brakes are generally easy to operate with your foot.

Canopy. This is the hood that protects your child from the light, sun, rain and keep strangers’ stares at bay. You will want to make sure that the canopy retracts easily and can be removed for cleaning.

Restraining straps. Make sure the restraining straps that keep the child in the stroller is secure and easy-to-fasten.

Foldability. Ensure easy foldability of the stroller as you are going to use this operation every time you use the stroller. Also check how compact the stroller is able to fold.

Weight. Most people prefer lightweight strollers as they are easy to carry around. Choose a lightweight stroller if you plan to carry it onto buses or other vehicles often.

Handles. Check to see if the handles are of comfortable height. There are two basic types of handles. Stroller will either have two separate handles or one bar across. Stroller with one bar across is generally easier to steer using one hand.

Storage. The main storage area on most strollers is the basket under the seat. These under seat basket are great for holding packages while shopping.

Seat. See if the fabric used on the seat is comfortable. Also check that the reclining mechanism of the seat is easy to operate. There are different degree of angle for recline, while many infants and their parents like a stroller seat to recline completely flat, it is not a necessary.

Source:, 9 May 2007


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