How to choose a safe baby walker

The use of mobile baby walkers is a controversial topic. Some people find it unsafe to use and will lead to more injuries than help the baby to walk sooner (Read the advice on child safety from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital). The note to all parents is never to leave an unsupervised baby in the walker. Baby walkers are seats on wheels. The baby sits in the center of the walker, strapped into a plastic molded seat. A tray surrounds your baby and acts like a bumper when your baby moves close to a wall or a piece of furniture.

Here are some important tips to help you choose the right and safe walker for your infant:
  • Do not buy secondhand models as they might not meet current safety regulations. Some older walkers are collapsible with years of use that weaken the joints and latches.
  • Choose a newer model walker that meets new voluntary safety standards.
  • Baby walkers should have a wide, sturdy, non-tip base to prevent them from tipping over and can't fit through doorways.
  • Walkers should have wide three-sided tray for play and protection.
  • There should be secure locking mechanism to safeguard fingers.
  • They should also have a braking mechanism that prevents the walker from moving if one or more wheels come off of the ground.
Source:, 9 May 2007



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