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Babies and kids tend to get scared and cries during their haircuts. It's perfectly normal for toddlers to feel anxious during haircut time, especially when they are being wrapped in a plastic cape, surrounded by unfamiliar sights and sounds, squirted with water, and attacked with a pair of sharp scissors or an electric shaver by a stranger! Thus a friendly and familiar environment is very important to them. Imagine, if you could take your child to a hair salon especialised for kids, which they can sit in an airplane/fire truck/race car and watch a DVD while getting their hair cut, isn't it wonderful?

Several hair salons have sprung up specially for children, complete with fun chairs and distractions like cartoons to watch and XBox 360 gaming consoles that will make the whole experience child's play and make them forget they are having their hair cut.

If your toddler has hair-cutting phobia, try bring them to these specialised kids salon:

Hua Xia
The salon's chairs come in the shape of toy car, airplane or truck, where kids can pick a DVD to watch while they have their hair cut. Its hairdressers also make home visits for babies too young to leave the house, charging the usual fee for a cut plus transport fees.

Price: S$16 per cut and the fifth cut is FREE!

Location:168 Punggol Field #02-09 Punggol Plaza


Junior League Children's Style Salon
Kids are pampered with candy, balloons, toys and stickers. Each chair even comes fitted with its own TV screen, playing popular cartoons like Dora The Explorer and Tom And Jerry. Its first outlet was opened at United Square, and has now grown to a chain of four. Its three other outlets are at Suntec City, Parkway Parade and inside VivoCity's Toys "R" Us.

Price: S$18 per cut

Forum Mall #03-03/25 (in Toys "R" Us)
Vivo City #02-183 (in Toys "R" Us)
Parkway Parade #02/52
Suntec City #03/K02
United Square #01-76A

Website: NIL

Curly & Spike
From the funky d├ęcor to the specially designed kids styling stations, everything is set up just for kids. Equipped with special dwarf-size seats, each comes with a 19-inch flat screen TV, a DVD player and XBox 360 with the latest games like Shrek and Superman to pacify the scissor-avoiding squirmer.

Price: $20 per cut

Location: 81 Clemenceau Avenue#02-14 UE Square


Other places:
Kitz Kid's Salon
80 Marine Parade Road
#02-52 Parkway Parade
Tel: 63465818

Cost: $16


Anonymous said...

Went to junior League United square branch for my daughter's first haircut. She's 2. As I didn't expect, she cried and didn't want them to cut her hair. Well, we tried and tried until she calmed down and let them. I just want to comment on the hairdresser who made my daughter's haircut. She wasn't friendly unlike the other hairdressers. She was old already I think that's why she showed that kind of attitude. She wasn't smiling. We felt that she's not used to these kind of kids. So we really felt awkward while she was cutting my kid's hair. She should not work in a kid's salon. I think she doesn't like kids! And! My daughter's haircut was really hideous!!! I'm now researching for other kids' salon to fix my daughter's haircut!!! Oh... waste of money:(

Anonymous said...

Well, I stand corrected. I just realized my daughter's haircut is fine with me. It's just that I hate the experience of letting them cut my daughter's hair. I don't want it to happen again. Maybe I could try their other branches but not with their old lady hairdresser.

Anonymous said...

the Junior League at Toys R Us Vivo is now $20....a little steep for children's haircut I felt eventho they did a good job and kids get sticker and balloon.

My name is Yogesh Tadwalkar on January 20, 2011 at 6:04 PM said...

Hi, how about a any place around Tampines or Simei for kids'hair cut?

Roberta said...

Took my 16month old son to the Toys R Us store at The Forum Mall this morning and although he is usually a very observant boy and hesitant of instruments (due to terrible vaccination visit) he was wonderfully distracted by the cartoon TV and balloons. Despite his jiggles and excitement the hairdresser was able to give him a really nice cut!! He was none the wiser and chuffed to be getting away with two balloons.

Pauline said...

Why not trying a mobilehairdresser instead? My friend recomended me her son personal stylist. She work great with kids! my son used to scream and yell at kids salon. But with her, not anymore. My son loves her! You may check out her blog.

Hope it helps.

Anonymous said...

Last night at 8+pm, I brought my 2 years old son for a haircut at Lot1 in Chao Chu Kang, we first went into the Jean Yip salon, we asked wether they do children haircut, one of the hairdresser / assistant said they do, so we wait for her to assign the seat.

Then my son started to cry, the hairdresser went to talk to the manager (or supervisor), they asked us whether my son will cry during haircut, I told them he will cry but we will hold him to pacify him so that it's easier for them to cut (which I only need them to quickly shave his hair).

The manager told us that they can't do this because my son's crying will disturb other customers, and show us a very unwelcome look. We really feel humiliated. If they want to reject a customer, they should give more polite excuse like our bookings are full, etc, and not turning customer away in such a rude way. This is the worst service attitude I've seen at salons, my family and I will never want to go to Jean Yip hairdressing anymore.

So we went to the Kimage on the same floor, my son is still crying, but they are willing to cut for him, and their male hairdresser is very polite and patience. My husband hold my son while he started to shave my son's hair. My son stopped crying immediately as he realize cutting hair is not painful and the shaver is quite silent. The haircut finish in 5-10mins. Thank you Kimage for giving my son a good experience with the haircut!

Anonymous said...

We also brought our 10 month old son to Kimage at Lot 1 for a cut. It was his first cut and he didn't like the shaver touching his head. But the staff there were excellent and understood how children are and worth the $16 charged. Being in a place where babies are treated properly was pleasant experience. Will go again.

Anonymous said...

You could also try a new family cum children hair salon called 'pout'. Lots of kids who hate hair cuts are happy there, with their DVDs, sports car, and very brightly coloured shop design.

Anonymous said...

I had just went to Junior League, last 2 times was did by a China lady who was fast and good job with my 1yr old kid.
My kid loved the place but not now.

This time was did by a local lady and commented my kid hair messy before she even cut which i reply to her that it was cut at their salont. She used scissor and do not even know how to response when my kid struggle.

My kid hair was snapped away not at the length I had requested her and I had to tell her she should use the electric razor instead.

Halfway my kid was screaming which she do not behave on the last 2 times because her hair was all over her clothes and face.

I was very annoyed that both me and my husband ask her to stop. She's still continue and my husband had to tell her off to stop cutting.

When makin payment, she even throw her pen to vent her anger.. What kind of service is that? My kid's hair was disaster and we had very bad experience there..

a shemag on September 7, 2013 at 4:00 AM said...

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Sophiabgrace on July 18, 2018 at 8:30 PM said...

You could likewise attempt another family cum kids hair salon called 'sulk'. Loads of children who abhor hair styles are glad there, with their DVDs, sports auto, and splendidly hued shop plan.
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