Clueless about what toys to buy for your kids?

The mind-bogging range of toys and games in the market can create a big headache for parents. Take a glance at the many different types of toys for different age groups below, and you will know the pain involve in choosing the right toys.

Baby Toys: baby mobiles, baby rattles, baby picture books, stacking rings, nesting cups, dolls, stuffed animals, play gym, baby mirrors, baby building blocks and texture toys.

Toddler Toys: construction toys, building blocks, climbing toys, pull toys, push toys, stuffed animals, dolls, jigsaw puzzles, stacking rings, and nesting cups.

Preschooler Toys: construction toys, building blocks, climbing toys, pull toys, push toys, stuffed animals, dolls, jigsaw puzzles, cards, puzzles, and pretend play toys.

Toys for Kids Age 6-12 years: pretend play toys, building blocks, construction toys, climbing toys, stuffed animals, dolls, word games, electronic games, board games and jigsaw puzzles.

When buying toys and games for children, it is important to make sure that they are educational. Educational games help children learn and grow. Don’t waste money in buying toys with no value. When you are looking for educational games, you may consider the following types that bring educational value:

Building blocks. Stacking cups, shape sorters and building blocks are all toys that young children love. They are also very educational.

Cards and board games. Do not underestimate a simple deck of cards. There are many that serve their educational purposes. Alphabet cards, number cards, thematic cards such as Happy Family, Donkey, are some examples of cards for young children. Others like War can teach children their numbers and hearts can teach strategic thinking. Many classic board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Ladders and Clue are also as educational as they are fun. These are more for older children.

Puzzles and wordplay games. Wordplay games such as crossword puzzles are educational games that kids can play independently. Mad Libs is a classic wordplay game that kids can play with friends. Jigsaw puzzles are games to test the child’s patience and are also educational.

Electronic games are very educational and popular with kids. Both Leap Frog and VTech invent excellent games. There are also many websites that have educational games appropriate for young children. Some examples of fun and educational websites for kids include Funschool, Nickelodeon, Eduplace and Funbrain.

Tips: Look for toys that encourage:

Dramatic play, which helps children work out their own ideas about their experiences. Such toys include blocks; toy vehicles; dress-up clothes such as hats, vests and fashion accessories; toy animals; puppets; and props to recreate real life such as a restaurant or store.

Manipulative play, which helps children develop small muscle control and hand-eye coordination. Examples include construction sets, puzzles, models and toys with interlocking pieces.

Creative and problem solving. Arts toys encourage self-expression and creativity while the use of symbols, and numbers are vital skills for problem-solving and literacy. These include blank pieces of paper, paints, clay, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and more.

Planning and strategic thinking. These games teach children about taking turns, planning strategy, following rules and cooperating with teammates or opponents. Standard examples are dominoes, card games and checkers.

Avoid choosing toys with:
  • Small parts and sharp edges
  • Violent themes
  • Linked to media entertainment designed for older audiences
  • It is important to select toys and games carefully. Spend some time browsing through sites that sell educational games for more ideas. Visit websites like ToysRUs, KBToys, Wonder Brains, Toys to Grow On, and Toy and Game Warehouse for more toys and games ideas.

Source:, 23 May 2007


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